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Title:Physical Characteristics of the Amino Acids


Category: Collection Keywords: aa amino acids

Title:Animal research helps human live longer


Category: Collection Keywords: animal research protest 23 years

Title:Schematic representation of an antibody molecule.

Description: The basic structural unit of most mammalian antibodies is a glycoprotein (MW ~150,000 daltons) composed of four polypeptide chains two light chains, and two heavy chains, which are connected by d...

Category: Reference Keywords: antibody digestion structure

Title:Overview of antibody classes and subclasses.

Description: Each heavy chain has a molecular weight of ~50,000 daltons and consists of a constant and variable region. The heavy and light chains contain a number of homologous sections consisting of similar ...

Category: Collection Keywords: antibody structure

Title:CMV start site

Description: nucleotides at positions −10 and −9 of the crs are critical for efficient viral gene expression.

Category: Collection Keywords: CMV
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